Damilola Oni is a talented actress and filmmaker in Nollywood, a term that refers to the Nigerian film industry,and she has however in several way declared herself as a single not searching lady.

She has made a name for herself through her ability to interpret roles in a captivating manner, making her one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry.

She has appeared in several popular Nollywood films, both in the Yoruba and English language genres, and has won the hearts of many with her impeccable acting skills.Aside from acting, Damilola Oni is also a filmmaker, movie producer, and creative director. She has produced and directed several movies, showcasing her versatility in the entertainment industry.

In addition, she is an entrepreneur, running her own business while still pursuing her passion for acting and filmmaking.

As a brand ambassador and influencer, Damilola Oni has worked with several companies and brands, promoting their products and services on her social media platforms. Her online presence is impressive, with over 224,000 followers on her Instagram page, making her one of the most influential personalities in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Damilola Oni is also a TV presenter and co-hosts the popular show, Aajiirebi, alongside Bayo Adegboyo. The show is a lifestyle program that focuses on various issues affecting the Yoruba people and Nigeria as a whole. Damilola Oni is a multifaceted personality who has excelled in various fields in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

She is a talented actress, filmmaker, movie producer, creative director, entrepreneur, TV presenter, brand ambassador, and influencer, with an impressive online presence and an excellent track record of delivering quality work in every aspect of her career.

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