Life is magical and can be troubling sometimes. Those who concluded that life is a compedium of hidden treasures and dark secrets were not wrong. Truly, not all situations in life are explainable. You can not conquer life, you can not outsmart life neither can you win life in a race.

Those who tasked themselves with the roles of exposing the secrets of the dark either died in service or become living reflections of dark secrets. Some things are not created to be understood. The more you look at certain occurences, the more the struggle to comprehend. When you look around, we see these occurences everywhere. The lifetime of ‘Osuolale’s Twin’ popularly known as ‘IBEJI ORAN OR IBEJI IDE’ is one.

Newsgist reporter travelled down to Osogbo, the hometown of ‘IBEJI ORAN OR IBEJI IDE’. With the sum of N100, you can comfortably reach the family house of Osuolale from Osogbo Central Mosque. The ‘Osuolale’ family compound is situated along Ibokun Road which is metres away from the popular residence of Late Osun White priestess, Susan Wenger better known as Adunni Olorisha.

Like Adunni Olorisha’s residence, the ‘Osuolale’ family house is also close to the tarred Ibokun road. When this reporter alighted from the bike, the rider pointed to an old building as the family house of the ‘Osuolale’ and at the back of the building lies a failing storey-building which also belongs to the ‘Osuolale’. This reporter approached an old woman who was sitting on one of the wooden benches in front of the house. The old woman humbly turned down the interview and asked this reporter to move around the house if he would be lucky to see another person. The old woman was later identified as one of the wives of Osuolale, a popular motorist and father of ‘IBEJI ORAN OR IBEJI IDE’ in Osogbo.

The depressed mother also disclosed that the twin were not only small but look like normal babies at birth. We even barbed their heads before the naming ceremony. We just noticed that the hairs no longer grow again and their bodies became darkened. We took them to many places but healers always mentioned that they purposely came to this world in that form, a rather sad mother said.

The mother also disclosed that they passed through the four walls of schools eventhough they did not go to any higher institution. The first school they attended was Okanla primary school situated in Oke-Ola, Osogbo but they later left the school as a result of abuse and intimidation. But they later finished from St. Andrews Primary School situated in Oke-Baale Osogbo and also completed their secondary education at St. Charles Grammar School in Osogbo too.

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