Yoruba actor and Nollywood star, Olaniyi Afonja, popularly known as ‘Sanyeri’.

What does fatherhood mean to you?
Fatherhood means being the head of the home, a husband to a wife, a father to children and fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities that are due to a man to his wife and children.

How old were you when you became a father?

I got married when I was 31 years old and I have been married since 2007.

Were you particular about the sex of your first child?

There’s no gender that’s not a child but I had a male child as my first child.

Did you have family or social pressure to become a father?

All parents want their children to settle down on time. The parents’ intention might not be seen in a good light by the child but they (parents) believe that children come with good fortunes and all that’s required to take care of them (the children) come with it from heaven.

Parents usually want something good for their children but if a man considers that if he takes that step to start a family, he won’t be able to meet up with the responsibilities, it’s best for him to apply wisdom in managing the pressure coming from the parents till he feels he’s capable of starting a family.

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