A young man lay down inside the gutter to let his pregnant wife to cross because they were no bridge, according to a story that is presently trending online.

Facebook user Emmy Ezeafojulu Egbeigwe Nnobi shared the story. wrote in his own words, “

Love In Harvard

A man lay down for his pregnant wife to pass because her pregnancy could not allow her jump the gutter. How do u see it


He cautioned individuals against letting a passion of money shorten their time on earth. He claimed that he erred and will make sure it didn’t happen again in his next existence.

He profusely apologized and emphasized that he just had a short time left. He suggested that internet users pray for him.

In his words:

Don’t let the love of money shorten your days on earth. I won’t make the same mistake I made in my next life. Few days left, I’d miss you all. Pray for me y’all.”

Reacting to the post, @goldmercy wrote: “pls you ain’t going anywhere go to the church and save your soul please even though I don’t know you I care please go to the church.”

@ashleybae96 said: “just enjoy your days, some people will die poor, their life will be short ND not still go to heaven
God have mercy me, just enjoy to fullest.”

@lordvicky00 added: “I pray the lord show mercy on this young soul, bro take heart. I pray if it pleases the lord  he spares you and makes you a vessel unto honour but if not.”

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