Yoruba actor Babatunde Bernard Tayo, widely known as Baba Tee, has posted a video disclosing his initial reaction upon meeting Erekere for the first time.

Upon spotting Erekere, Baba Tee refrained from allowing any physical contact and swiftly checked his koropon (scrotum) to ensure it was still intact, half-jokingly entertaining the thought that Erekere might have spirited it away.

Even before extending a handshake to Erekere, he subtly stepped back and refrained from allowing any hugs during their encounter on the movie set.

Erekere has continued to dominate the internet with his pattern of comedy series over the years but many people are currently scared of him whenever they meet.

See the reaction on the video shared by Baba Tee Below;
Emmanueltee.23 wrote: But nkan mẹta lowa labẹ yẹn nah only koropọn you checked

Adenike.ashaolu wrote: It’s the koropon for me

Abionao wrote: The fear of @thepastorpikin is the beginning of wisdomi

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