Skit-maker and the son of veteran actor Adewale Elesho’s son, Yemi Elesho, has taken to social media to share a family throwback photo which has stirred some reactions from fans and folowers

Sharing the photo Adeyemi Elesho can be seen with his father, siblings and the father’s wife .

See photo below;

The photo shared which bring back good old memories, received lot of reactions with fans asking why the mum and dad are fair in completion,why all the other siblings are black.

– Egbon you still need explain oooooo Daddy and mommy pupa ooooon

– Baba Elesho no try oo! E for try give us one female albino nah

Yemi Elesho earlier revealed how he sold aboniki and face towel in the traffic at Iwo road.

He recently shared his remarkable story of how he overcame obstacles to achieve succes in a recent interview as he recounted how he sold Aboniki, Face towel, and bread in Iwo road traffic.

Yemi credited skitmaker and content creator, Woli Agba for helping him kick-start his career as he noted how the skitmaker paved the way for him.

According to him, he never dreamed of being a content creator.

“I sold aboniki and face towel in the traffic. I sold bread. It was because of Woli Agba I stopped doing stage. I have never dreamt one day and saw myself as a content creator”.

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