When I met my wife, the only property I had was my tribal mark — Actor Sanyeri tells sweet love story 3

Popular actor, Olaniyi Afonja, aka Sanyeri and his wife of 10 years, Omolara, tell TOFARATI IGE about their marital experience.Can you recall how you met you wife?Sanyeri: I met her in
2004 when I want to screen my movie, Okan Emi, at the National Theatre
in Iganmu, Lagos. She came there to have a good time. I sighted her and
her friend from afar. I walked up to her friend and told her I liked her
friend but she said I should tell her myself. So I went to her and told
her I would want us to get closer but she replied that was it because I
just shot a movie that made me think I could ask her out. Afterwards,
she walked away. After that day, I saw her about a month later and I
requested for her number. Even then, it took me a while to convince her
to date me.What attracted you to her?Sanyeri: People always
have an idea of the kind of person they would like to marry. Since my
childhood, I had made up my mind that I would marry someone who is
taller than me, so that our children would be of good height. So her
stature was the first thing that attracted me to her. In the course of
dating, I discovered that she is a nice person.

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