I am from Ekiti State, and I come from a family of seven. I was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State, where I had my elementary and secondary school education. I proceeded to the Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, and then Tai Solarin University of Education; both in Ogun State. I am aspiring to get a Master’s degree soon.

My decision to become an actress was influenced by pure passion. I chose to focus on acting in Yoruba films, because I am a Yoruba lady.


It was a deliberate decision to take a break from the movie industry after I got married. I was not overwhelmed with my marital duties. I just believe one has to sacrifice something to get another thing. Marriage is all about sacrifice. The industry will always be there, but if one loses one’s home and marriage, it is gone. If one sacrifices now to save one’s marriage and later comes back to the industry, one can still have one’s cake and eat it. I am just trying to balance the scale.


As an actress, my achievements include the fact that I am now a household name. I have never done any movie that was not successful. Whenever people hear ‘Beauty and Brains Production by Mosunmola Filani’, they know they are in for a good time. I have been able to achieve that through self-sponsorship. Even though I do not get funds from anybody, I still shoot good movies.


As an executive producer, there are some movies I want to shoot, but it will take a lot of money to bring them to life. If one does not have sponsors to support one for the production, it could be challenging to pull such things off without compromising one’s standards. That is the only challenge I face most times when I am embarking on a production.


My latest production, Different Strokes, is an English movie, featuring actors such as Mercy Johnson-Okojie, Lilian Esoro and Jim Iyke. I also acted in it.


I have learnt many lessons over the years. But, most importantly, I have learnt to always be myself and believe in myself. If one wants to succeed in the industry, one has to be true to oneself and believe in oneself.


The lessons I have learnt from marriage and motherhood is that one’s life does not totally belong to one anymore. Once one gets married and have kids, one cannot just think about oneself alone anymore. One would no longer be responsible for oneself alone, but for one’s husband and kids as well. It will be that way until the children are grown and can take responsibility for their actions.

Motherhood is all about making sacrifices. There are some places one could go to and stay till late at night if one does not have kids. However, if one has kids, one cannot stay out late anymore. Before motherhood, one could spend as many as seven days on location filming. But, with kids in the picture, one cannot do so anymore. If one cannot make sacrifices, one should not bother bringing kids into the world. It might sound like a bitter advice, but it is the bitter truth.

I recently attended a colleague’s movie premiere, and I could not even wait to watch the movie, because it was aboout midnight already, and my kids could not go to bed. They kept calling me, asking when I was coming back home. Even when I told them to go to bed, they refused, and kept asking when I was coming back home. I had to leave the premiere. That is a sacrifice. Inasmuch as I wanted to watch the movie, I could not. I had to go back home. Things like that happen regularly.

Marriage crashes

I am not in the shoes of celebs whose marriages have crashed. Anytime I see any break up or fallout in relationships, I tell myself that they (the celebs) are the ones in the relationships. They are the ones experiencing it. If one’s peace is threatened (in a marriage), that person should leave. One’s peace of mind is of the utmost importance. If one feels like one is losing it or not having it anymore, that person should leave. I don’t know of any other way out.

The ‘syllabus’ of marriage is very long. Nobody has the course outline. We are just taking it as it comes. Whatever works for one is what one should do. One cannot copy the way I am doing mine, and vice-versa. It does not work that way.


I would say God is the first factor that brought me this far. In everything I do, I put God first. If God says no, that means no. If God says yes, no matter how difficult, it means yes for me. God’s grace and mercies helped me to come this far. I am a very focused and passionate person. Most importantly, I don’t do what is trending. I don’t go to where everyone is going. I try as much as possible to be myself. I don’t pretend. Perhaps, that is why I don’t have many friends. I say it as it is. If black is the truth, I won’t call it dark blue. That is what has kept me.


I will never forget when I produced Iku Iwa in 2009/2010. The movie won so many awards, and till date, people are still talking about it.


I won’t say I am scared, but I am worried for my husband because of his political aspiration. That is because they hold a lot of late night meetings.


My family members are my biggest cheerleaders.


I drink a lot of water, and I mind my business (laughs). That makes me beautiful. I try as much as possible to take care of my skin as well. It is very important.

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