Portable Zazu, the renowned singer and owner of Zeh Nation label, has consistently attracted attention not only for his musical endeavors but also for his controversial personal life.

Apart from his growing success in the music industry, Portable Zazu has garnered a reputation for his affinity for women, which has frequently landed him in the news. In a recent revelation, he disclosed that he has fathered six boys with different women, including his wife Omobewaji Ewatomi and actress Ashabi.

The singer recently made headlines again when he shared details about his past infidelities. He boldly claimed to have slept with ten out of the thirty individuals who advised his first wife, Ewatomi, to leave him due to his unfaithfulness.

Portable Zazu’s flamboyant lifestyle and his pride in taking care of his numerous children from different mothers continue to captivate the public’s attention. His rise to fame in late 2021 has undoubtedly solidified his position in the limelight, ensuring that his controversial antics remain a topic of discussion.

Portable Zazu’s first wife, Ewatomi Omobewaji

Additionally, Portable Zazu’s first wife, Omobewaji, is also known by the name Olori (Queen) Portable Omolalomi, which may serve as a way for her to assert her status as the singer’s initial spouse.

Omobewaji has garnered attention herself by steadfastly standing by her husband despite his history of infidelity, making headlines for her unwavering support. In 2022, she attracted media attention when she took to social media to congratulate Honey Berry, one of Portable’s baby mamas, on the birth of her baby boy.

Within her own family with Portable, Omobewaji is the mother of two sons named Iyanuoluwa and Opeyemi, further adding to the complexity of the singer’s parental responsibilities.

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