Marriage is a beautiful thing that most people look forward to someday. People marry for different reasons, but one very important and significant thing in a marriage is having your own children.

In fact, it will not be wrong to say a marriage without children is somewhat considered incomplete especially in Africa. In other words, children in a marriage can be said to be the crown of marriage.

For this reason, most couple always look forward to having their own children as soon as they get married. Unfortunately, the children sometimes don’t come as at when expected, and this gets the couple worried and anxious, and sometimes desperate.

Some couples have to wait for several years before the children start coming and for some, the children might not even come at all. So they either accept their fate or go for adoption.

For those waiting to have kids, the waiting period can be quite challenging, and for those that can’t wait, the marriage might crumble like badly arranged cards.

Some of our celebrities have had their own share of this dreadful waiting period. In this article, I will be talking about 5 Nigerian celebrities that waited for many years in their marriages before they had their own children.

1. Yinka Ayefele: Waited for Almost 20 Years

Yinka Ayefele is a Nigerian music producer and a gospel artiste. He is currently one of the most successful gospel artiste in Nigeria.

He met his wife Temitope in 1996 before he had an accident that affected his spinal cord and made him unable to walk again. Despite his condition, his wife stood by him and still went ahead to marry him. They got married in 2000.

However, they were childless for so many years. According to the singer, people thought he couldn’t impregnate a woman and may never have children. Fortunately, on 18 January 2019, the couple welcomed a set of triplets; two boys and a girl.

Ironically, he hid his kids from the public. He said they were very tiny because they were born prematurely, so he denied birthing triplets when confronted by the public. He said he was initially scared of how they looked, so he had to wait for them to grow a little bit more before letting the public know.

The couple waited for almost twenty years before the arrival of their children. Since the birth of his kids, the singer has been very happy and grateful to God.

2. Kenneth Okonkwo: Waited for 9 Years

Kenneth Okonkwo is a veteran Nigerian actor and producer who is one of the pioneers of Nollywood.

The talented actor who has starred in several movies, got married in 2000 to Ogechi, a pastor’s daughter. Unfortunately, the marriage crashed in 2002, after just two years. The reason for the breakup is undisclosed.

However, in 2007, he found love again as he tied the nuptial knot with his present wife Ifeoma. Unfortunately, the couple had to wait for a long period of 9 years before they finally welcomed their first child ( a baby boy) on 7 May 2016.

The proud father often displays the pictures of his handsome son all over the social media.

3. Browny Igboegwu: Waited for 10 Years

Browny Igboegwu is a Nigerian actor who has starred in several movies.

The actor got married to his wife Becky over a decade ago, but unfortunately, they were childless. According to the actor, he said they were mocked and ridiculed by many people over their inability to have a child.

He said, some people advised him to get another wife or impregnate another woman. And some said, who knows what the wife has done that she cannot conceive, and so many derogatory words.

He said despite all these heartbreaking words, they still held on to their faith, as they silently took everything to God in prayers.

After 10 anxious years of waiting, they finally welcomed a baby girl on June 2020. The blissful father took to Instagram to express his joy and his gratitude to God for wiping away his tears.

4. Emeka Ossai: Waited for 5 Years

Emeka Ossai is a Nigerian actor and producer who has starred in a couple of movies and television series.

The actor lost his first wife, popular Nollywood actress Jennifer Okere to the cold hands of death in 1999. However, in 2007, he found love again as he got married to his present wife Jumai.

Unfortunately, they waited anxiously for years to have children. According to the wife, they did midnight prayers together and even fasted for 21 days. She said during the prayers, she would hold her babies clothes( male and female) in her hands in faith, trusting God to grant her request.

After 5 years of waiting upon the Lord, their prayers were answered as they welcomed a set of twins; a boy and a girl. They were born 21 September 2012. The birth of the kids have no doubt brought so much joy to the couple.

5.Teju Babyface: Waited for 6 Years

Olateju Oyelakin popularly known as Teju Babyface is a Nigerian comedian and talkshow host.

He got married to his wife Oluwatobiloba in September 2012. According to the comedian, he never for once thought he would have a challenge birthing his own kids, but he was confronted with the bitter reality after many years of being married and unable to have his own children.

He said the waiting period was a difficult and anxious time for him as he wanted to have kids before he clocked 40.

Fortunately for the couple, they welcomed a set of twins; a boy and a girl, in April 2018. The comedian said he is very grateful to God for answering his prayers by making him a father before he turned 40.

It is indeed a thing of joy for married couple to have children especially when they have waited for so long. We pray God continue to bless the celebrities and give them more children as they desire. As for those who are still waiting upon the Lord, we pray God grant them their heart desire.

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