Veteran actress, Idowu Phillips better known as Mama Rainbow couldn’t hold back her tears while shooting a movie scene over the weekend.

The talented actress wept uncontrollably as she brought her role to life and it took a village of her junior colleagues on set to calm her down.

The 79 year old Mama Rainbow, had to transform herself into her role and she couldn’t hot back the hot tears that rushed down her cheeks due to the touching scenario.

The scene was so touching that the actress wept profusely.

According to Muyiwa Ademola, they had to calm her down for hours before she could regain herself.

He noted how many of them have to cross the bridge to the world beyond in order to give justice to their roles.

He stated that often times, getting back into one’s true character becomes difficult.

“We were just working through the limes and Mama could not control her tears. It took so much effort to calm her down. We sometimes cross the bridge to the world beyond in order to give justice to our roles and getting back becomes quite difficult”.

Last year, Iya Rainbow received huge backlash for her controversial remarks on the ongoing rape case comedian Princess filed against her colleague, Baba Ijesha.

Iya Rainbow said that she did everything humanly possible to get Princess not to escalate Baba Ijesha’s case but she didn’t bulge.

She stated that Princess didn’t listen to her pleas to drop the case she filed against him.

“It was her wish for the comedienne tk allow the case to be settled without going to court but sadly, Princess chose not to accept her pleas”, she said.

“Before the matter was settled, I asked the princess for four days not to take the matter to court. I urged her not to let this matter get louder, but she refused. Now, see how the whole thing played out”

“Things have to be resolved amicably among the theatre practitioners since Baba Ijesha has been released on bail”.

Princess took to her Instagram to blast the veteran for her remarks which she described as being insensitive.

“You were so insensitive to say you called me and we’re pleading for the case not to be escalated. How can you say such a thing? Don’t ever! Anything that concerns me please just stay away from it”.

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