Celebrity child Enorense Victor, better known as Kiriku, has worn a lot of hearts on social media with his funny skits The youngster, who is seven years old and currently in primary two, boasts over 1 million followers on Instagram Kiriku started featuring in skits alongside his older brother Umbrella Boy at the age of four in Edo state before they chose to relocate to Lagos state for more prospect.

It was a Saturday morning, November 5, when popular celebrity child Kiriku arrived alongside his older brother Umbrella Boy for shooting in Lagos state.

Kiriku, who seems not to be aware of his celebrity status, repeatedly went about to greet everyone present before he went to take his seat beside his brother. This was proof of his moral upbringing, which took everyone by surprise.

At the end of their shoot, Legit.ng’s Olumide Alake had a one-on-one conversation with Kiriku and his brother.

Since Kiriku was only 7 years old, he could say little to nothing as his older brother and skit maker Umbrella Boy had to speak on his behalf in a very interesting and eye-opening conversation

The motivation behind how they started Umbrella Boy recounted how they gained recognition on social media thanks to popular blogger Tunde Ednut, who keeps reposting their skits to date as he took Kiriku as his son. According to Umbrella Boy, this encouraged them to do better. In his words: “The motivation is the encouragement, the way people supported us. The way social media influencers like Tunde Ednut kept supporting us and reposting our videos, It encouraged us to do better.”

How Kiriku started featuring in skits Umbrella Boy revealed he has been doing skits alone since 2017 when he was at Auchi Polytechnic in Edo state. Upon completing his tertiary education, he returned home to his parents. He, however, stressed that whenever he was making his skit, Kiriku, who is his parents’ last child, was always observing him. He said: “I have been doing this skit alone since 2017 when I was at Auchi Polytechnic. After four years in school, I returned home, whenever I was shooting, Kiruku was always observing me. I was like ok, let me just try him, they were two, the both of them were my blood brothers, the same father the same mother, but Kiriku, who is our last born showed more interest while the other one was not serious, so I say let me focus on Kiriku, so that was how we started shooting.”

How working with Kiriku was like Umbrella Boy revealed Kiriku started skit-making at four, and it was difficult at first as he had to teach him his lines word by word. He, however, acknowledged the child celebrity has improved over the years. He said: “Kiriku joined me when he was 4 years old, he is now 7. When I started using him, he was not all that good with his lines, I have to teach him his lines over and over again” Kiriku’s .

Umbrella Boy lauded his brother’s impact on their skit-making career as he revealed he had only 50k followers before Kiriku came on board. He said: “Before Kiriku joined me I was at 50k followers, but immediately he joined me I moved to 100k followers and had to bring content that suit his age as I didn’t want to give him a skit above his mentality.”

How Kiriku started wearing big Polo Umbrella Boy shared the funny details behind Kiriku’s big polo signature he is known for. According to him, he had only bought the shirt, but it dawned on him that it would do better on Kiriku for their content creations.

“I had to look for the skit that suit his age after his first skit. To make it easy for him I came up with his popular ‘Abeg shift’ slang. Then one day I look at my big polo and I was ‘Kiriku if you wear am e go fit you o’ so I just brought out the big polo I just bought and gave it to him to start wearing,” he said. The need for relocation to Lagos Umbrella Boy revealed they started making skits in Edo state, but after they went viral, they had to move closer to the country’s entertainment hub, which is Lagos.

“We started our skit in Edo state but after the boom on social media last year and the reception. So we felt it was time to move to Lagos since that is the entertainment hub. And that was how we kept pushing. Kiriku hit his 1 million followers in June this year,” he said. Kiriku’s education According to Umbrella Boy, Kiriku is in school and only does skits when he is back, contrary to the belief of many on social media. He said: “A lot of people think Kiriku is not educated that I pick him up from the street, and that is what a lot of people are still thinking till now. Kiriku is in Primary 2. To make it easy for him, I always do my skits around 5pm when he is back. I will shoot, edit and publish.”

Kiriku’s use of pidgin English Kiriku is famous for his use of pidgin English in skits he has featured in, but Umbrella Boy dismissed the claim Kiriku is unable to speak good English.

Umbrella Boy said: “Many people feel Kiriku doesn’t speak English but the reason for his choice of pidgin English till date is because that is what he started with.” Kiriku’s plan in 10 years’ time Umbrella Boy said in 10 years’ time, Kiriku would have been able to handle his own page and maybe write scripts and create his content.

He said: “By then he will be a big boy now and his mentality would have improved so I can give him roles that would suit him then. By then he can handle his own page, he can write scripts, organize and create his content.” Kiriku’s parent Umbrella Boy revealed their parents fully support their career as skit makers, adding that their dad shares their video. “Our parents are in full support, our father shares our video with his colleagues on social media. He is our biggest supporter,” he said.

Kiriku and his brother buy a brand-new car for their dad Kiriku and his brother showed their dad true love as they bought him a new car. The man got very emotional about it all. In a TikTok video, the kid comedian and his brother posed inside the car. At the start of the clip, Kiriku could be seen holding up the car key with joy. Some seconds after, people had already gathered around the vehicle to show the comedian much love. His brother was bathed in water to express joy.

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