The devastating news of legendary actor Sisi Quadri’s departure has left the Nigerian film industry, or Nollywood, in a state of deep mourning. There is a moving acknowledgement of the family he leaves behind in addition to the industry’s deep loss.

While the focus remains on Sisi Quadri‘s monumental contributions to entertainment, it’s important to recognize the personal side of this loss. Quadri, known not only for his talent but also for his affable nature and striking appearance, leaves behind loved ones who meant the world to him.

Among those deeply affected are the good-looking children of Sisi Quadri. Although not much is detailed about them, Quadri’s family undoubtedly cherishes memories of his love, warmth, and guidance. As Nollywood mourns the passing of a luminary, it also stands in solidarity with Quadri’s family, offering support during this difficult time.

In remembering Sisi Quadri, it’s crucial to honor both his professional achievements and his personal relationships. His legacy extends beyond the screen, touching the lives of those closest to him. As the industry reflects on his contributions, it also holds space for the grief of his family, ensuring that his memory lives on not just in his work, but in the hearts of those he held dear.

See more pictures of him and his children below:

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